A New Museum Trend: Join the “Pop-Up” Museum Craze!

by Jennifer Hale on April 20, 2015

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Have you heard of the new “pop-up” museum trend? Here at Shop for Museums, we are loving the idea behind this new interactive experience.

What are Pop-Up Museums?

Pop-Up Museums are usually temporary exhibits that audiences can attend. However, certain museums are taking the pop-up museum idea and adding a little twist.

Museums are now offering free space to show off YOUR memories and items you treasure. This temporary event usually involves a particular theme and is held on a date chosen by your local museum. Community members are encouraged to participate by bringing your theme-related items to the event and displaying them.

“Each pop-up museum is an opportunity for community members to use personal items to come together and engage in storytelling, a kind of glorified show-n-tell for adults.  They are purely social events.  The end result is that a group of potential strangers find a connection to their town and to each other,” said a recent pop-up museum coordinator.

Silverware at Pop Up Museum

Unlucky in LOVE

This new way to engage the community was recently done over Valentine’s Day Weekend in New Hampshire. The Historical Society of Cheshire County held an “Unlucky in Love” themed pop-up museum that allowed participants to show letters, photos, items and more.

“Participants write their own exhibit label, mount their item for display and share their story with other participants.  The idea originated at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History in California.  We’ve been doing these events for about one year now,” said Jennifer Carroll, the Director of Education at The Historical Society of Cheshire County.

The Historical Society has held pop-up museums on a variety of other subjects including silver, the White Mountains in New Hampshire, high school and the Civil War.

“I have attended all of the museum’s pop-ups and have found out more about myself in the process.  For instance, in preparation for the Civil War Pop-Up I discovered an ancestor that I had never known before.  TP Kelso served in the 15th Indiana Volunteer Cavalry,” said Margaret Langford, a Historical Society of Cheshire County pop-up museum participant. “The historical society’s pop-ups not only attract people like me who want to share their personal story but also work to attract new audiences, the friends and family of the pop-up exhibitors.”

Participant holding artifact

As you know, Shop for Museums is a huge supporter of innovative ideas that encourage community involvement with local museums and organizations. Read more about our company below.

More Ways to Get Involved with Museums

At ShopforMuseums.com, people can shop with over 1,300 nationally recognized online stores and have a percentage of their purchase amount donated to a museum or related organization at no extra cost.

We encourage you to participate in a Pop-Up Museum experience near you, and consider supporting the Historical Society of Cheshire County through the Shop for Museums shopping portal the next time you make a purchase online.

We Want to Hear from You!

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Thank you to The Historical Society of Cheshire County for supplying photos for this blog.

Written by Jenny Hale

Jenny Hale is a Public Relations graduate student at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Hale is a graduate of Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management with degrees in Marketing Management and Supply Chain Management. Her minor is in Native American Studies. Hale spends her free time as a public relations and marketing consultant for local businesses, as well as managing local musicians. She is currently a marketing intern with Shop for Museums.

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