These Halloween Costumes Are for the Dogs

by Karen on October 30, 2012

Whether you are an animal lover or not, you can’t help but have a good laugh at some of the Halloween pet costumes out there. We get a laugh every year as we see more and more dogs out trick-or-treating with their owners and the children of their households. And we’ve been to quite a few Halloween parties that feature dressed up dogs.

Rosalie sporting her bumble bee costume.

So we want to know, do most dogs enjoy being dressed up? Do they roll with it knowing their may be extra treats waiting for them if they just hang in there during the family photos? Then again, we’ve seen dogs squirming to get out of hats, bowties, dresses and leggings that their owners so festively put on them. It seems to be written all over their faces, “What was my owner thinking?!” Regardless, here are our picks for some of the best Halloween dog costumes this year:

Princess Leia Dog Costume


Superman Dog Costume


Where's Waldo Dog Costume



Candy Corn Witch Dog Costume


Stegosaurus Dog Costume

You can check out additional pet costumes at participating stores. Visit our Pet section to shop dog costumes at CostumeCraze, PetSmart, Costume Express and more. Plus, your dog can now help you celebrate year round. NCAA, MLB, NBA and NFL game day gear for pets is now available at PetSmart.  

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