Toby the Pup in the Museum

by Karen on May 17, 2013

in Behind the Scenes, Collections, History

While poking around the web today, I came across this delightful cartoon from 1930 called Toby the Pup in the Museum. Take a look at Toby’s after hour antics.

Museums are filled with historic objects, mannequins, famous personalities and extensive displays. While looking around, it is so easy to step into the moment of a child’s imagination and wonder “what if these exhibits come alive after hours?” Toby the Pup works the night shift cleaning up, and while he would make most curators and collections care professionals cringe a bit, you can’t help but enjoy his enthusiasm as he dances and cleans his way through the museum!

Enjoy watching this charming video! Here’s to your imagination running a bit wild and a dance through your favorite museum some time soon!

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